Celebrating Forty Years of Painting with Light, Sept 27, 2005

Celebrating Forty Years of Painting with Light

September 27, 2005
Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco
A Nightengale Production

“Light and sound improvise together for an hour at each showing.
No one hour is ever like another.
And there is probably no theater like this one anywhere else on earth.”
Alfred Frankenstein, San Francisco Examiner

Thank you for joining me in celebrating forty years of painting with light. The collective skills and commitment of this evening’s artists and musicians have made tonight’s spontaneous performance a true celebration.
It has been my good fortune to have shared previous endeavors with many of the artists here tonight, some for years. To everyone who contributed their talent I thank you sincerely.

As the light show is an “impermanent” art of simultaneous composition, execution, and perception; whether sharing the moment in studios, a unique light sound Create, or a site specific event, a place, ie space, is necessary. Thank you to all the friends of the lightshow, new and old, for their collective effort to convert Cobb’s into this evening’s light show theater. A special thanks to the San Francisco poster artists who created a series of prints celebrating the event. And finally, a heartfelt thanks to Leonard Baron, whose support made this celebration possible.

See the light

Bill Ham

Sophie Lauterborn
Kimihiko Ito
Flora Ham Ueno
Assistants: Peter Lauterborn, Dan Lewis

The Spontaneous Light Orchestra
Jim Lowe, Music Director – Keyboard Synth
Joshi Marshall – Saxophone, Flutes, and Electronics
Steve Mitchell – Percussion
Steve Rossi – Percussion
Dave Ewell – Bass

Sound Engineer: Squid B. Vicious
Sound Crew: Barry Kamler, Al Amis

Travis T. Hipp and Herbert Gold / Introduction and Remarks

Poster Artists
Alton Kelley, Dennis Loren, Stanley Mouse, David Singer, Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan

Printer: The Firehouse
Fine Art Series Art Director: Bruce Dauser

Photographer: Lawrence Lauterborn
Video: Jim Karnstedt, Ed Jones

Stage Managers: Rob Schmitt, David Waddingham
Production Coordinator: Henry Schaeffer
Associate Producer: Tony D’Arpino

Special Thanks
Emi Ito, Tetsurou Nakaya with Elmo Japan, Shinji Asano with Elmo USA
Albert Neiman, Kent Wood, Kevin McGovern, Mike Pritchard, Stefanie Herzer
Rick Doss, Michael Gehlken, Pete Bowes, Champion Decorating Company, MJ Bogatin

Cobb’s Comedy Club
915 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco

Produced by Len Baron