The Light Sound Dimension Theater Gallery

Bill Ham`s layout for the Light Sound Dimension Theater included a Foyer Gallery in the entrance that provided a transition into the theater from California street. The front of the building was all glass storefront windows and a doorway that allowed for an excellent view of the interior. The gallery was painted completely white. Art was mounted on the walls and at times included pedestals for sculptures. On the left side of the gallery was a small ticket and information booth. The theater was entered through a doorway kept closed during Light Sound Presentations.

The first gallery exhibit was by avant-garde Japanese artists residing in San Francisco from the Group Kyushu including Sakurai Takami.

The second exhibit was the first ever gallery show of the ZAP Comix by artists, Victor Moscoso, Robert Crumb, S.Clay Wilson and Rick Griffin.

The final exhibit was the art of Pat McFarlin.

(all images by Pat McFarlin)